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Life outside of the classroom influences student performance: How can we help?

It’s no secret that life outside the classroom influences how well students perform and engage in their academics. With school back in session for students across the Mid-South, how can MHA make a positive impact? The answer can be found in our family-inclusive programs. 

Family Unification Program

Did you know that only 50% of children in foster care may be reunited with their families? Reuniting children with their families is critically important to further the child’s development and future success. Maintaining safe, decent housing is one of the requirements families face before they can be reunited with their children. 

With rental rates in Memphis rising exponentially, it is more challenging now than ever for families to meet the housing requirements that would allow them to bring their children home again. MHA’s Family Unification Program helps families by securing the housing needed to make unification possible. We work with the Department of Child Services to provide priority HCV Program vouchers to eligible families seeking unification. 

Family Self-Sufficiency

MHA’s Family Self-Sufficiency Program provides services to help Memphis families struggling with financial barriers reach economic security. FSS enables these families to increase their earned income and reduce their dependence on government assistance and rental subsidies by offering financial coaching, as well as a range of support services, like child care and credit repair. This program allows families to save money to work toward their goals, like buying a car, paying off loans, buying a house and more.

Community Partnerships

MHA partners with several community-focused organizations to help inspire positive change among our residents. For example, our FSS program may refer an accomplished candidate to homeownership education organizations like United Housing Inc. once they've reached their savings goal to help them become a homeowner. Another example is our partnership with AmeriCorps, where we are able to offer engagement and community outreach activities to help enhance our residents’ quality of life. 

Our team at MHA is dedicated to providing quality, affordable housing for our residents, allowing them to save money, access better jobs, improve their health and reach critical community services. It is through these programs that we are able to help our residents' children have the best chance at a quality education.