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Contracting and Purchasing Office

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Contracting/ Purchasing Department

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David Walker, Manager of Contracts & purchasing, Contracting Officer

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The Contracting and Purchasing Department is responsible for the solicitation of all Request for Quotes (RFQ), Request for Proposals (RFP), Invitations for Bid (IFB), and finalizing all Contractual Agreements. It is also responsible for the procurement of all materials and supplies for the Agency. It ensures that the Agency receives quality products and services, negotiates and executes purchase orders, disposes of obsolete materials and supplies, maintains the approved vendor's list and promotes excellence in customer service and vendor relations.

How to Do Business with the Housing Authority
New vendors please complete and return a vendor data form for the Memphis Housing Authority's data file to receive information for future projects. All new vendors/contractors must complete a W-9 for IRS Reporting. Download W-9 Here

Prepare, Submit and Perform Bids with MHA (pdf)

Register your business (Vendor Form)

The Contracting Office maintains active lists of vendors and contractors for the purpose of soliciting quotes, bids and proposals on various categories of commodities and services. The MHA also posts public notices in the Commercial Appeal, Daily News, Tri-State Defender and Silver Star News.

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Marketing Your Products or Services
Prospective suppliers are encouraged to send a catalog, line card, or other listing of products/services offered. Due to the large number of vendors listed on some categories it is not possible to allow vendors to bid on everything that is solicited by the Contracting and Purchasing Dept. It's our intention to make the selection process as fair as possible. If you decide to bid, we cannot help you prepare your bid. We can, answer questions to help you better understand what is required.

Notice: The bid solicitations publicized on this web site are for purposes of sharing information with the public and may be subject to change by MHA. Please follow all instructions, specifications and the scope of work from the bid packages. It is the responsibility of the bidder to ensure that it has obtained all such changes by checking the document folder periodically on the website and before you submit a bid or proposal. Bids offered must be submitted on MHA forms. A formal copy of the solicitation may be requested either by telephoning 901-544-1298 or by emailing or visiting the MHA Contracting/Purchasing Department located at 700 Adams, Memphis, TN 38105