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Memphis Housing Authority Agency Plan and Exhibits

The Memphis Housing Authority (MHA) Agency Plan is a comprehensive guide to MHA's policies, programs, operations, and strategies for meeting local housing needs and goals. 

Exhibit 1 Memphis Housing Authority Org Chart
Exhibit 2 Support Documentation for Housing Needs
Exhibit 3-0 Deconcentration Policy
Exhibit 4 Exhibit 4-FY2023 Financial Resources
Exhibit 5 Human Services
Exhibit 6 2022 RAD Significant Amendment Chart
Exhibit 7 Housing Authority Properties
Exhibit 8 Exhibit 8-South City All Phases Summary
Exhibit 9 Approved Capital Plan
Exhibit 10 Project-Based Vouchers
Exhibit 11 Criteria for Significant Amendment/DeviationSave
Exhibit 12 Exhibit 12-2022-2023 Board of Commissioners
Exhibit 13 Exhibit 13 Consistency with the Consolidated Plan
Exhibit 14 Exhibit 14-PHA Certification of Compliance with the PHA and Related Regulations including Required Civil Rights Certification
Exhibit 15 Exhibit 15-Public Meetings
Exhibit 16 Exhibit 16- Public Hearing Presentation and Transcript