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Board of Commissioners

Lisa Wheeler Jenkins, Board Chairperson
Mary W. Sharp, Vice Chairperson
Justin Bailey
Michael Boyd
Kathy Moore Cowan
Shawna Engel 
Sheila Terrell

The Memphis Housing Authority Board Meetings are held the 4th Thursday of each month at 9:00 am in the MHA Board Room located at 700 Adams Avenue, 2nd Floor and are open to the public. Committee Meetings are held the 2nd Wednesday of each month from 8:00 am to noon in the MHA Executive Conference Room located at 700 Adams Avenue, 2nd Floor. Committee Meetings are for Commissioners only.  

addressing the board
Do you have a question or concern and would like to address the board? Complete the form below to be heard. Questions or comments will not be taken from the floor as the meeting of the MHA Board of Commissioners is not an open forum.  Thank you for your adherence to the MHA Board of Commissioner's meeting guidelines.



 2021 Agendas and Minutes

Date Board of Commissioners Agendas  documents minutes

January 28th

Commission Agenda January 28, 2021   Signed Minutes January 2021

February 25th

Commission Agenda February 25, 2021   Signed Minutes February 2021

March 25th

Commission Agenda March 25, 2021   Signed Minutes March 2021

April 8th

Commission Agenda April 8, 2021   Signed Minutes April 2021

May 27th

Commission Agenda May 27, 2021    

June 24th

Commission Agenda June 24, 2021    
September 23rd Commission Agenda September 23, 2021    

 2020 Agendas and Minutes

Date Board of Commissioners Agendas  documents minutes

January 23rd

Commission Agenda January 23, 2020   Signed Minutes January 2020

April 23rd

Commission Agenda April 23, 2020   Signed Minutes April 2020

May 28th

Commission Agenda May 28, 2020   Signed Minutes May 2020
June 10th Commission Agenda June 10, 2020  
Signed Minutes June 2020
 June 25th Commission Agenda June 25, 2020   
Signed Minutes June 2020
July 23rd Commission Agenda July 23, 2020   
Signed Minutes July 2020
August 27th Commission Agenda August 27, 2020  
Signed Minutes August 2020

September 24th

Commission Agenda September 24, 2020
  Signed Minutes September 2020

November 19th

Commission Agenda November 19, 2020   Signed Minutes November 2020
December 17th

Commission Agenda December 17, 2020   Signed Minutes December 2020

2019 Agendas and minutes 


Board of Commissioners Agendas 

documents minutes 
January 24th Commissioner Agenda January 24, 2019  
Signed Minutes January 24, 2019

February 28th Commissioner Agenda February 28, 2019  
Signed Minutes February 28, 2019
March 28th Commissioner Agenda March 28, 2019  
Signed Minutes March 28, 2019
April 25th Commissioner Agenda April 25, 2019  
Signed Minutes April 25, 2019
May 23rd Commissioner Agenda May 23, 2019  
Signed Minutes May 23, 2019
June 27th Commissioner Agenda June 27, 2019  
Signed Minutes June 27, 2019
July 25th Commissioner Agenda July 25, 2019  
Signed Minutes July 25, 2019
August 22nd Commissioner Agenda August 22, 2019  
Signed Minutes August 22, 2019
September 26th Commissioner Agenda September 26, 2019  
Signed Minutes September 26, 2019
November 21st Commissioner Agenda November 21, 2019  
Signed Minutes November 21, 2019


Address correspondence to:
Memphis Housing Authority
Attn: Board of Commissioners
700 Adams Avenue
Memphis, TN 38105