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Frequently Asked Questions

What services does the Memphis Housing Authority provide?

Does the Memphis Housing Authority provide emergency housing?

How is the Memphis Housing Authority funded?

Where is the Memphis Housing Authority Central Office located and what services are provided by central office staff?

Where do I go to find information about Public Housing and to apply for housing?

What do I need to do to apply for housing?

Can I, as an applicant, call to inquire about my application?

I’m on the waitlist, but some of the information in my application has changed. What should I do?

Why does the waiting list take so long?

What do I need to be eligible to apply for a Housing Choice Voucher?

Can I apply for both Section 8 Housing and Public Housing?

What types of support services are available at MHA?

What happens if I’m offered housing assistance?

Are there any income restrictions for residents in housing assistance programs?

What are the responsibilities of tenants in Memphis Housing Authority programs?

How does MHA address maintenance issues in its properties?

Can residents request transfers to different housing units or locations within MHA’s program?

NOTE: Any correspondence from the Memphis Housing Authority does not guarantee that you will be housed. You must meet all screening criteria that the Memphis Housing Authority uses to determine if you will be offered housing assistance. Each department has different screening criteria. Example: Criminal checks, credit checks, landlord references and many other items may be used to determine if you are eligible for housing assistance.