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Modernization is coming to several MHA communities

Memphis Housing Authority has been developing, managing and maintaining public housing communities across the county for more than 85 years. As the second-oldest housing authority in the nation, it’s understandable that some of our units were built during times when current amenities and modern finishes weren’t available. We’re excited to share that MHA is making a concerted effort to modernize many of its public housing sites, elevating residents’ standard of living while providing essential repairs and stabilizing units into the future.

These modernization projects are critical to the maintenance of our overall housing stock. Across the country, public housing agencies are feeling the influx of people seeking housing assistance, as the cost of rent rises alongside mortgage interest rates. There is a greater need for affordable, sustainable housing than we’ve seen in recent history. Investments in modernization today can help maintain the number of affordable units we have in the future.

So, what is happening during our modernization projects? Here is a glimpse at some of the updates we’ve been making at sites in Memphis.

Taking units down to the studs

MHA_Modernization studs - Copy - Copy - CopyWhen residents return to their units, the spaces will be unrecognizable. That’s because we’re taking many of the modernization units down to the literal studs. From drywall to floorboards, the non-structural elements of each unit will be gutted and removed, making way for new, fresh interiors. This will not only be visually appealing but will ensure units are environmentally safe and healthy for future tenants.

Increasing energy efficiency

As we take units down to the studs, we’ll replace and upgrade all of the electrical systems and wiring, including the HVAC systems. Residents will now have energy-efficient units that can help them reduce their MLGW bills while keeping their units comfortable during all of Memphis’ tumultuous seasons. Along with updated wiring, units will be fitted with new appliances – like refrigerators and an oven/ranges and tankless water heaters – that are designed to increase safety and comfort while using less water and electricity.

MHA_Modernization Living RoomUpgrading finishes for durability

The finishes installed in the units are designed to make the unit more durable. The choice of flooring, cabinetry, countertops and other materials were thoughtfully selected to withstand the natural wear and tear that comes with rental housing. This will help future residents have a better experience when they move into their unit – even if they’re not the first residents to call it home after modernization.

Introducing modern amenities

MHA_Modernization bathroomSay goodbye to clotheslines and hello to in-unit laundry! With updated electrical systems, all units can now power HE washers and dryers. Stackable units will be added to every home, providing a level of convenience that hasn’t been available in many public housing communities. This is in addition to the updated appliances we mentioned as part of energy efficiency upgrades. But beyond appliances, MHA is also thoughtfully selecting colors, flooring and bathroom fittings that are both timeless and part of current trends. Much of what you’ll see in our new units matches what is being installed in private-market apartments across the city.

Modernization isn’t just about cosmetic updates – it’s a critical investment in the long-term stability of Memphis’ affordable housing stock. MHA Is proud to make this investment and is eager to turn these units into hope-filled housing opportunities for future families.