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How to keep your home warm this winter without raising your utility bill

It’s hard to imagine the current temperatures quickly dipping below freezing any time soon, but as we enter September, it's good to go ahead and have a plan in place to ensure your family stays warm this winter without breaking the bank. Here are five ways you can winterize your home on a budget. 

Invest in curtains or blinds.
During the daytime, keep your curtains or blinds open to allow the sunlight in for natural warmth. Then, at night, be sure to close them to keep the heat from escaping. You can create thermal curtains from old blankets if you don’t have thick curtains for the winter.

Keep the heat inside the house. 
The best way to keep your home warm without turning up the heat is to stop it from escaping. Keep doors and windows closed, make sure that they are sealed properly around the edges and use draught excluders to block gaps at the bottom of doors. If you don’t have a draught excluder, you can make your own by stuffing tights with old socks or rolling towels and placing them at the bottom of your doors.

Cover your floors.
If you don’t have a carpet, floors made of tile or laminate will absorb cold air. The best way to prevent heat loss through the floor is to lay down rugs wherever you can. If you’re unable to afford a new rug, you can find used rugs at your local thrift store or you can use old blankets as rugs.

Consider investing in a heating pad or blanket. 
Heated blankets and heating pads are affordable ways to stay warm during winter months. Electronic heated blankets can range from $30-50, and heating pads range from $20-40. When you’re feeling chilly, simply plug in the blanket or pad and cuddle up on the couch. But be careful using electric heating devices. You should always follow the manufacturer's instructions and never fall asleep without first unplugging the device.

Wear additional layers of clothing.
Wearing multiple layers is more effective at keeping your body warm than wearing one thick layer. The layers trap air between them which helps to maintain your body heat. Wear hats, scarves, sweaters and jackets indoors when you start to feel chilly inside your home. 

Plan ahead and consider these affordable options this winter. Your family and your wallet will thank you.