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Participants Information

Participants in the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) were determined eligible by MHA based on income, family composition and other requirements. To remain Eviction Button Tenant - Copyeligible for continued assistance, participants must abide by their Family Obligations, complete their annual recertification, including submitting required documents, and allow their unit to be inspected at least annually.  Following is general information about annual and interim recertifications, moving and portability.

 Annual Recertification Process Overview
HCV Recertification Overview
Participants must submit income, asset, expense, and family composition information to MHA on an annual basis to demonstrate continued eligibility for the HCVHCV Recertification Image - CopyP. About 120 days prior to your recertification date, MHA will send a notice to recertify along with a recertification packet  As part of this process, a completed Application for Continued Occupancy, a HUD form 9886 Authorization to Release Information for household members 18 years of age or older, other required forms and supporting documentation (e.g., proof of income, assets, and expenses for all household members) are also submitted. MHA will review and verify all information submitted and will notify the participant and the landlord through a Lease Addendum Notice of the family’s portion of the rent and how much MHA will pay in housing assistance. 

Interim Recertification Process Overview
HCV Interim Recertification Overview - Copy

Rent and other charges remain in effect for the period between regularly scheduled recertifications, unless a change in family size (composition) or income occurs. All changes must be reported within 30 days of the change. To report a change, complete the appropriate form and submit it along with supporting documentation:

HCV Stick Figures - CopyChange of Family Composition – Adding a household member

HCV Stick Figures - Copy (2)Change of Family Composition – Removing a household member

HCV Money - Copy
Change of Income –Increase or Decrease in income expected to last more than 30 days

Following verification of any changes, MHA will adjust the family’s portion of rent and HAP payment accordingly.

Move Process Overview
HCV Move Process Overview

Participants may request to move after their initial lease term, or on occasion, may be required to move. When requesting to move, participants must submitTN Housing Search Image a completed Move Request Form.  MHA will provide a voucher and RTA packet for participants approved to move.  Once a suitable unit is found, the RTA packet must be completed by the landlord and submitted to MHA for approval. MHA will approve the unit and execute a HAP contract with the landlord if the unit passes HQS inspection and the rent is reasonable and affordable. Look for housing options at

Portability Process Overview

HCV Portability Process Overview
HCVP participants have the choice of where they live including other areas of the United States where a housing authority operates a voucher program.  Participants wishing to move outside of MHA’s jurisdiction must request to port out using the Outgoing Portability Request Form.  Like the move process above, MHA will review and approve the request. Upon approval, the family will be briefed and receive their voucher to port out, along with contact information for the PHA in the area the family is moving to (receiving PHA).

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