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About Housing Choice Voucher Program

The Housing Choice Voucher Program (HCVP) is a federal rental assistance program for eligible families to rent decent, safe, and sanitary housing in the private market. MHA verifies eligibility for the HCVP based on a family's gross annual income, family size and MHA policies.

The HCVP works as a rental subsidy that allows families to pay a reasonable amount of their income toward their rent. Eligible families will receive a voucher and then search for housing. Before assistance starts, MHA must approve the rental unit.  An approved unit meet HUD’s Housing Quality Standards, has a reasonable rent, and the lease between the landlord and tenant includes HUD’s tenancy addendum. Initially, families pay no more than 40 percent of their adjusted monthly income toward their rent share. MHA pays the remaining rent amount (Housing Assistance Payment or HAP) to the landlord on the family's behalf.

We are not accepting applications for the Housing Choice Voucher Program at this time.

HCVP Process Overview
HCVP Process Overview

Roles and Responsibilities

Family/Tenant Obligations: 

  • Searches for and selects a housing unit of its choice
  • Pays the landlord a security deposit if required
  • Becomes the tenant when the lease, including the HUD Tenancy Addendum, is signed with landlord
  • Complies with the lease, HCVP requirements, and family obligations
  • Pays its share of rent on time every month
  • Maintains the unit in good condition
  • Notifies MHA of any changes in income or family size, and when requesting to move
  • Allows MHA entry to inspect the unit

Owner/Landlord Obligations: HCV Diagram - Copy

  • Provides decent, safe, and sanitary housing to a tenant at a reasonable rent
  • Ensures the dwelling unit meets HUD’s housing quality standards initially and as long as the owner receives housing assistance payments.
  • Provides the services agreed to as part of the lease signed with the tenant and the HAP contract signed with MHA
  • May not be related to the tenant (unless MHA has approved a reasonable accommodation for the family)
  • Does not accept side payments
  • Abides by the HAP contract and enforces the lease

 MHA Obligations: 

  • Administers the local HCVP and assists families with the portability process as needed
  • Enters into a HAP contract with the owner to provide housing assistance payments on behalf of the family
  • Terminates the HAP contract and assistance payments if the landlord fails to meet the owner's obligations
  • Reviews the family’s continued eligibility for assistance for failing to abide by the family obligations
  • Reexamines the family's income and composition at least annually
  • Inspects each unit initially and at least annually according to housing quality standards

Reasonable Accommodations

If you or a household member has a medical condition or disability that requires a change, modification, or alteration in policy, procedure, or practice which allows you to participate fully in the Housing Choice Voucher program, you may be eligible for a reasonable accommodation. Read more about HCVP's Reasonable Accommodation Notice here and/or contact the HCVP Customer Service Center at (901) 544-1347 or for more information.

Administrative Plan

MHA's Administrative Plan defines the policies that govern the administration of the HCVP. The Plan clarifies written policies in accordance with U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) regulations where MHA has discretion. The HUD regulations governing the HCVP are found in the Code of Federal Regulations listed below:

View MHA's current HCVP Administrative Plan

Contact the Housing Choice Voucher Program
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