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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do I get my unit on the HCV program?

How do I list my property for rent with the Housing Choice Voucher Program (HVCP)?

How do I select an HCV Program tenant?

How do I get my property pre-qualified for the HCV Program?

How long is the approval  process for renting to an HCVP tenant?

How much rent can I get for my unit?

Can I get an early inspection?

What time will my unit be inspected (initial inspections only)?

What happens if my unit was not ready, when will it be re-inspected (initial inspections only)?

How can I help my unit to pass Housing Quality Standards (HQS)?

After my unit passes inspection, what's the next step?

Can a participant move into my unit after it passes inspection?

I have purchased some property and a HCV participant is already renting the unit, what do I do?

If the tenant does not pay their rent, what should I do?

When will I receive my HAP payment?

The HAP contract has not yet been executed or it has been cancelled, and the tenant is living in my unit. Can I get paid?

I didn't receive a check this month. Why not?

Why was money deducted from my HAP check?

Why was my rent or unit abated?

If the HCVP tenant damages my property, what do I do?

I am a landlord and need to change my mailing address, how do I make that change?

General Note to HCV Landlords