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Agency Plan

The Public Housing Reform Act of 1998 requires public housing agencies to develop a Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plan consisting of at least an annual plan and a five-year plan, which must be submitted every five years or updated within the five-year period if there has been a substantial deviation from the previously submitted five-year missions and goals. The proposed 2016 PHA Plan consists of an Annual Plan (covering July 1, 2017- June 30, 2018) and exhibits.

A PHA Plan template was created for housing authorities to fill in the required information and submit to HUD for their review and approval along with certain certifications. MHA still has the responsibility to implement regulatory requirements and to make related policy documents publicly available as supporting documents to the PHA Plan.

The five-year plan presents MHA's mission and long-range goals and objectives for achieving its mission over the subsequent five years.

Supporting documentation, such as the Admissions and Continued Occupancy Policy for Public Housing, the Pet Policy, the Grievance Procedure and the Administrative Plan for Housing Choice Voucher Program, Proposed Violence Against Women Act (VAWA) Policy etc. are available for public review on MHA's website:

Download Proposed Public Housing Agency (PHA) Plan

Exhibits for the Proposed Plan

Additionally, copies of the plan are available for review during regular business hours:
Human Resources Department
Memphis Housing Authority
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Benjamin Hooks Central Library
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Please submit all comments to:  

Memphis Housing Authority
Attention: Executive Director
PHA Annual and Five Years Plans
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