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The Housing Choice Voucher Program is funded through the federal government’s continuing resolution. As a result, there is a potential funding shortfall for the remainder of 2017-2018 operating cycle, which may cause a delay in the U.S Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) providing our Housing Choice Voucher funds.  Due to the funding shortfall, please be advised that the November 2017 mid-month check-run has been cancelled and there may be a delay in future monthly disbursements of Housing Assistance and Utility Assistance payments to landlords and tenants.  Payments will be processed upon receipt of HAP funding from HUD.

Please note:

    • Memphis Housing Authority will not be obligated to pay late payment penalties since the payment delay is due to factors beyond the control of MHA [(HAP Contract Form HUD-52641, Part B, Section 7.a.3 {iii})].
    • Landlords may not request that tenants pay the delayed payments nor charge tenants a late fees due to the delayed payments on MHA’s behalf [24 CFR 982.451(b){iii}].
    • Landlords may not move to evict tenants based on MHA not paying its portion of rent [24 CFR 982.451(b){iii}].
    • Tenants must pay their portion of rent on time.

We will strive to disburse all future Housing and Utility Assistance payments timely.  Thank you for your understanding and patience as we work together to manage through this difficult situation.